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Honoring the words spoken in light and inspiration of fashion, Participate by leaving an original quote in the comment  section below.

” How a man dress indicates the social and political climate of the society”

” If you have to try too hard to be fashionable, you wont be “

“You are  never too old to look good and be your fashionable best.” 

  “Fashion was not to be a uniform, or we would always ware suits”.

Dressed outside the box

  “You are what you wear”

            “Dressing is a way of life.”

            ” Fashion is the vehicle that moves the creative spirit.”

            “You don’t have to wear a suit to be well dressed.”

             “What you were, becomes what you are at that moment.”

             ” A proper dress code is gender intelligent.” 

             ” Fashion is everywhere, and we must see fashion in everything.”

             ” Where there is fashion there is art.”

            ” Life is fashion and inspiration are everywhere.” 

   ” Fashion is for happy people if you are not, it will make one out of you.”

    ” Paying attention to fashion is a way of contributing to society.”

    “Fashion seeks only  to transform and present a new perspective.” 

    “Being stylish means having good taste.”

     “Fashion is a wonderland when you can find your style and own it.”

    “A man should look like he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on, then forget them.”



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  1. Hi; Christina. Thank you so much for attending the show DCFW. I am so happy you were there and enjoyed it. I am looking forward to doing more shows introducing more good designs for men. Please continue to stay tuned and spread the word. Cheers, Sheree.

  2. I Mike. Glad to see you here. It is true, for so many men. The general emphasis on clothing for men is sometimes slighted. I think men are just not taken care of, by women or by men themselves, though I see this is changing, I do think not fast and wide enough, this is why this site exist I do hope to produce very soon beautiful choice garments for men. I hope you will visit again and tell your friends, guys, and girls. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Very enlightening to me! In college I would wear sweats and gym type clothes haha This habit carried over into my mid 20’s and now I’m in need of a wardrobe change!

  4. Hi Eduardo;
    Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed it and had found inspiration. Do come again tell us what you think.
    All good wishes.

  5. Hello Jazzi: Thank you for visiting my site I am pleased that you have found some interest here and that you intend to return. My objective is to create am an arena that is considering men fashion and grooming, as a woman I want to see men take at least sone of the care that we do. So I am looking forward to creating interesting and informative ideas on men’s fashion
    Thank you so much. See the latest post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikK5IpbZWTU

  6. Hello, William Thank you for visiting a man dressed. I am glad you get it. I am looking forward to seeing you here again. As we move farther into the concept, you will be seeing wonderful things and ideas coming forth.

  7. Thank you, Timothy, for visiting a man dressed I hope you are thinking a bit more or differently about men’s fashion, come back again.

  8. Really interested in your website, particuarly as my father is within the intended target audience. Will definitely reutrn back to check it out for gift ideas, particuarly as his birthday is coming up

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