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A Man Dressed 1

      A Man Dressed: The wedding day.

This is the day in your life that is one of the big 5. (Birth, Education, Wedding, Taxes and Death) You want it to count, you want to be deep in it; to look and feel fetching and lovesome. As you wait with qualmish anticipation, to see her walk down the aisle and stand by your side, you are in awed and mesmerized, at how beautiful she is and how stunning she looks, and you know she sees you as she distinguish Groom, dashing, and a splendidly dressed man.




All too often I have seen a wedding party, where I can barely detect the Groom; he is sometimes tucked away behind a billowing cloud of silk, satin, or taffeta in varying hues of white, or flanked by groomsmen, all in black Tux like penguins by the sea shore.  I recently asked a young man, age 27, who was just wed, about his experience coming up the big day and the actual day. He said he just left it to her, as he feels it’s her day, what about you I asked? “I didn’t want her to get mad if I got something wrong” I’ am sure many of you can relate to this, and many don’t care. Let’s just get it over with, he thinks; perhaps he simply do not feel special enough, because his wedding suit says little, unlike that of the Bride. There is no mistake who the bride is. The groom on the other hand well, you have looked twice or four times.


                             Where is the Groom?      Where_is_the_groom?


I surmise, starting with the wedding, we must take a new look at the world of men’s dress, we must add more to this dynamics, and we must explore new variables. Some may say, that the men like it this way, but I beg to differ, I am of the mind that most men/people have not given this phenomenon a second thought.

Now suppose men, women, designers, people, within the western concepts of men’s attire, would think just for a moment, and give an opinion, on the matter, what would they have to say about the world of men’s fashion?

The man on his wedding day should be distinguishable from the other suit-wearing men, such as groomsmen and male guests. He should stand proud and out, in full regalia harmonious with the splendor of the bride, and he need not be in the military, or of royal connection, to do so.


Groom_and_bride                            The_Kilted_Groom

That's _The_ Groom








I am just saying we want the groom to stand out, as is his bride.

Let us talk about this, tell me what you think. Comment below.

Thank you.



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