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           The site a  fashion-forward man must-see for fashion inspiration.


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Welcome :

A Man Dressed. The website that addresses and explore the nuances of men’s fashion. Talking style, trends, and designs, with a focus on some specific aspect of men’s fashion. We are branding new and innovative ideas and designs for men’s clothing.  This platform is here to open and continue the discussion on men’s aesthetic, to get more men interested in the world of fashion for men. We understand that there is a new paradigm of consciousness in the men’s fashion world, and we want you to be a part of the conversation. So if you are in search of fashion experience, or knowledge in the world of man’s dress styles and fashion, then this is an excellent place to start. Here you’ll get some great ideas, hear what other men and women are saying and thinking about men’s clothing, trends, and styles. Do women appreciate how you dress? Do men care about fashion, are guys happy with the choices in men’s attire today? These and many more questions and answers to come.

Our Mission

At A Man Dressed; our mission is to inspire, intrigue, motivate, educate, transform and have some fun with men’s fashion.  Whether you are a corporate mogul, a political sage, or a notorious fashion fashionista. And whatever it is, that brings you here. I am sure this experience will open the doors of your mind to a new consciousness in men’s fashion.  We will explore, discover and create more pleasing and wearable clothing for men, resulting in more choices for creative dressing and individual expression.

Dressed outside the box

About twice per month, we’ll take an exploitative journey, ( via post pages and videos ) through time, past and present, cultures and distinctions, fashion evolution and creations,  while mending together seamless lines of possibilities,  in dressing the man. You will become more in tune with your desire to be a part of the changing trends in men’s fashion. And for some, you may find that you do have an opinion after all.

Thank you for coming, and please take a little more time to browse, and let me hear your thoughts and suggestions. 



NOTE: To help make it possible to bring you great and wearable, affordable and well-designed men’s fashion, please go to our crowdfunding page here  and participate by getting one or more of the Saber T-Shirt:
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15 thoughts on “A Man Dressed is:

  1. Hi, Debbie.
    Thank you for your thought. I am looking forward to creating amazing things for men that women will be happy to be seen with their men. Yes, let’s make him feel dressed in any situation.

  2. Hi. This is a very interesting site as it can be useful for men and woman. My husband has zero knowledge or interest in fashion. This site may inspire him. As for me, it can keep me up to date on men’s fashion since I do a lot of his shopping. We’ll both be checking in again.
    WA Member

  3. Hello Duncan:
    It looks like I missed answering you. Its true, its hard to cultivate a fashion agenda for men, as the choices are limited.
    That’s why I have created this site. I want to open the doors to more thoughts and creating more concepts in men’s fashion.
    Thank you for visiting and do come again and say what you think.

  4. Hi, Duncan. Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you will return and find more suitable information on men’s dress. I intend to cover all aspect of men’s fashion. I will be posting videos of people informally discussing their thoughts on the subjects. Later I will be implementing my designs and more information where to find beautiful and reasonable men’s fashion.
    Go well and visit again.
    See latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikK5IpbZWTU

  5. Hi peter. Thank you for visiting my site. Its not all about dressing up, but looking good and feeling good about yourself, expressing your better self, and feeling comfortable at the same time. Look you have to wear clothes anyway, so why not feel good about it. Hope to see you here again.

  6. I’m such a slob can’t remember the last time I got dressed killer. I def need help with my steppin out clothes. Love what you’re doing here, keep it up I need to learn this style thing, lol!

  7. Hi Sheila. Thank you for viewing my site, and I am glad you get it.
    Yes men must think more about themselves that way, so they must be prompted to do so. A fashionable great future for the man is ahead.

  8. Hi Sherek,
    What a great and much needed site. Men are coming around in thier attitudes towards fashion and their wardrobes alot in the past decade but really still need some guidance in that area. I will be sharing your site with all the men in my life so they can gain some insight for thier wardrobe choices. I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

  9. Hi Shannon:
    True, this is why I am passionate about doing this, as a woman I am tired of seeing men lookig so bad in clothing, and its only because its whats available to them, so we must change that. If you don’t mind I’ll use what you say in my blog.
    Thank you for your comment.
    Sheree K

  10. I can’t wait until you have more styles up and running. I really want to learn how to dress my husband in something other than gym shorts and a t-shirt when he’s not in his work uniform, while him not giving up comfort.

  11. Men are tough to dress so this looks like it may be an interesting sight. What areas of fashion are you going to explore?

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