Wearing A KILT Should Be For Every Man/Manche-Kilt

Every Man Should Wear A Kilt 

The kilt or legless garment for men has been in existence since the  16th – 17th century. They were not called kilts until the Scots,  made then a tradition named them so. Many other ethnicities wear this garment and its called by different names, but most popular it the Kilt.

There is an enormous silent cry for this form ( Manche ) to be more accepted and accessible for men in the mainstream. For now, it is a very niche garment, and only very few places manufacture this silhouette for men. In America, it’s called the Utilakilt ( Seen here. )  made by the said company. While men often wear these utility kilts for work, they most often are worn on formal ethnic occasion.Dressed outside of the traditional arena, men wearing them are at times ridiculed it takes a strong man to be a man in a kilt, or (as we A Man Dressed calls it) a manche.

Every man should wear a kilt or manche and should have at least one in his position.  Men who own wear this garment regularly swears by the comfort that they enjoy. They claim that once you dawn one, you’ll surely want another. Also, many women find men very sexy and attractive when he is wearing a manche/kilt. I am one of those women. In my opinion, we see this grow to become a mainstream choice for men.         [ Cant wait ]

There are many studies which conclude that men who wear kilt-like garments are healthier and more fertile with a superior quality of sperm compear to other men. It is a known argument that Scotish men who wear kilts are far more fruitful. As for fertility and men’s health, this is a topic for another platform but is definitely worth mentioning here.

So in summary, let’s count the why’s, that men should wear the Manche/Kilt

  •  Confort.
  • Health
  • Women are very attracted to a man wearing a Manche/Kilt
  • Gives men more choices in his fashion style.

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Western Style Dressing The Man-A Man Dressed

A Man Dressed 1

 Men’s Fashion Western Style:

Men’s fashion in western America has an attitude of its own. Such a fascinating concept. I have been commenting for a while now on the need for men to have more fashion choices, but looking into the American west of men’s fashion. I can’t help but observe that men, generally do have some exciting option.

The  American western gentlemen, sports a variety of dress styles that catches the eyes in a way that sparks the imagination. The spirited Vaquero Jacket, for example, with its rounded lapel, decorative buttons, and festive trims; takes you into another dimension of men’s fashion, rarely known or talked about,  but born of the Spanish influence, this look is fashion full.

The grandness of the Stetson and many other types of hats frequently sported by the western men, give that attitude of alpha greatness. ( Sexy )  And just another example of men’s dress styles and choices. There are hundreds of brands of western hats varying in styles, colors, materials, and adorned with stones feathers, and art.

Men’s ties express yet another level of styles and choices. There are a variety of ties in men’s fashion west; most noted to me is the Bolo, which allows the man to sport an array of jewels and crafty art details. There is also the very stylish Bulldogger tie, so many choices there is also the preference of just no tie at all as seen here. The man simply looks well dressed and beautiful.Foster Friess

Notice here the absence of a tie and how the decorative buttons create.

Fostef collar





A Man Dressed will be taking a deeper look into men’s fashion in the west. there is much to see and learn here. Come with on this journey into a fashion concept of men’s clothing and fashion choices.

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Men’s Fashion 2017 A New Mood

2017 Will Bring A New Mood To Men’s Fashion.

For the last nine years, we have seen a rise in attention and discussions on men’s fashion, necessarily questioning where men’s fashion is going.  Fashion branding, which started twenty years ago.  Took the world by storm and has since defined the industry in so many ways.  Designers worldwide  have been famed and defamed in the turn of a season. ” one day you are in the next day you are out.” Aimed generally at women fashion has been a mega $$$$ industry. With no end in sight to this trend. Designers, marketers, and manufacturers now realize that the world of men’s fashion have lagged meagerly behind and are now moving to include men in this colossal fashion and branding trends.

2017 will bring a very new mood to men’s fashion trends. We will see far more creative and wearable trends for men, that are attainable and attractive. The discussions from the past eight years are now taking roots, from the streets to the boardrooms, runways,  to the magazines. The men’s fashion industry is now becoming nearly as varied as women’s fashion,  and perhaps they may never be equal, men’s fashion has finally become a force.  We will see 2017 showing a deliberate move toward the creations of appealing men’s fashion that can be embraced by all men. In the past what we saw fashion trends that tried too hard to be different,  and were often not attainable. But that was simply the birth of awareness, that men wanted more, they wanted new and different ways of expressing themselves through their dress.  For example, we could see the tie gradually worn less, or we saw new ways of wearing the tie.


Special Neck tie


Another type of style
Another type of style

We saw pants grew tight and got short, or simply too big and baggy or falling off the body. We saw pants became tight and short, or simply too big and baggy or falling off the body.

This was a fashion trend
This was a fashion trend

There were and still exist trends where men wore gym shoes and clothing with formal attire, in the efforts of achieving comfort. To express formal dress, not associated with a wedding, men were suits that were fit for being on stage in a  Loborachi concert.  So many examples of men’s fashion mistakes exist. But changes are here the discussions are moving the tides.


Designers, like Karl Lagerfeld. For example, who adopted a statement fashion, look and mood,  oversized high collar shirts with extra large ties and ornate tie pins always teamed with tapered fit pants,  single best jackets usually in dark colors, but occasionally in lighter floral patterns.  He typically wears gloves with no fingers. Silhouette in black. Like Karl More men will be adopting a fashion mood suited to his taste and style and will have the choices to do so much easier that in past years, only because designs for men will focus more on good style and form. More will be available accessible in the way of color, design,  and creativity. Get ready for men in 2017. It’s going to be beautiful!

Karl Lagerfeld



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Winter Fall Fashion For Men 2016/17


A Man Dressed 2.1

While the silhouette, of men’s fashion, is consistent with the past. Winter 2016/2017 is ablaze with the big and bold. We are talking about the outer- wear of men’s fashion in all its regularity. The jacket, shirts, ties, vests and trousers.  As always with men’s fashion, the seasonal changes are subtle and typically understated. Winter 2016/ 2017, however, threatens to give us great boldness in a man dressed.


The Shirts.

Shirts this season 2016/17 for men are very colorful and fashionable in bold plaids, stripes, and ornately embellished collars filled with vivid, exciting, and colorful details, like flowers, dots, and artsy decor. We are seeing an upward trend in designers taking bold steps toward making men’s fashion perceivable more dynamic and appealing. I look forward to the time when the is complete.  Quality Mens Shirts  Buy High-Quality Men’s French Cuff Dress Shirts Get The Best Look and look good.


The Ties.

Ties this season are wider, longer, and more vivid in color. We are mixing and matching in bold, flavorful ways like we have not seen before. The ties are simply making the statement this season. On the other hand, the bold statement is the absent of the tie all together. The bowtie has made quite a visible splash in men’s fashion, and it looks like this trend will rather stick around while the long tie may become obscure. The tie seems to have set the foundation of how bold he will go.

The Bold in Plads
The Bold in Plads


The suit.

Once again this season, the difference is big and bold. The suit and sports jackets are trending away from the traditional. We see a preference for the colorfully plaid jackets and suits. Unlike the big broadness of the ties, the suits are now more fitted to form; giving the man that very cared for and finished look.  We are seeing matching plaid trousers and jackets in audacious colors teamed with striped shirts and dotted ties in a complimentary color scheme. The summary of all this in my design view is utterly exciting.


The waistcoat to the Future

The Vest/Waistcoat.

The vest or waistcoat is huge this season. There is an emphasis on the layered look adding to the fullness of fashion trend we are seeing for men. The vest has added another dimension to the bold choices men are making. The vest is now bridging the gap between business and dressed outside of business without being too casual. Look for this trend to develop into an ongoing theme in men’s fashion choice. We see a variety of designs in the vests that is sure to play a tremendous role in the changing realm of  a man dressed


The Tux.

Don’t forget to get your tux this season. It’s an election year. And one that has been like no other, so the holidays will be ringing and singing in all forms of celebration as we ring in a new world. Use the Tuxedo Guide at to find the perfect tux!


Join us next time. When we’ll talk about Men’s desire for their fashion future.

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The Politics Of Fashion In A Man’s world

Fashion and Politics are in an aerodynamic dance.

In the political world, one may blindly assume that fashion has no place, but I am here to highlight another perspective. Though subtle, and rarely spoken of seriously, fashion indeed, is deeply entrenched in the world of politics. In fact, fashion and politics are flanked together in an aerodynamic dance. Swaying back and forth, between the proverbial power suit, and business casual,  and back again to the downright funky informal. Here is where we squint and try to take a deeper look. In the gleam of the eye, you will see those subtle hints of jewelry, in the form of the patriotic flag pin, or some other pertinent political medallion.

Are Politicians too steeped in the world of politics to even think about fashion? No. I think not;  as it is clear that fashion is a very real part of politics, however subtle.  As we are now in an election year ( And what a year it is ) I can almost say with some surety that candidates are being judged for their fashion sensibilities.  Indeed if you took an honest look, Hillary lost to Obama Surely in part, because he simply out dressed her, the power pants suit was by far his territory. Again, now in 2016. Trump is doing the power suit dance. And doing it well. Hillary is missing the steps and at times stumbling a bit, and the beat goes on.

More and more these days, the political stage is swaying into a  faint fashion show, but no one will openly say so. Mark my words, though, one day, very soon the sounds of political fashion will be trumpeted, loud and clear. Fashion and politics will visibly move together, as in a dance of tango.  As we know, typically in the political world, the attention, as far as fashion goes, is reserved for the first lady. As we move, However, into a new political landscape. We will see some more exciting changes in men’s fashion, What once was out of the question for the soberly dressed man in the political arena, will soon become an acceptable consideration; and the focus will be placed equally on the President and or the First Gentleman.

Consider, now, for example, the formal dress of the American Samoa Island. { The American Samoa Islands are US Territories in the South Pacific Seas } It is a Kiltlike garment, worn in business and formal events. The business garments are adapted to imitate the typical suit, but instead of trousers, its skirt or kilt like. ( Here we call it a Manche ) They call this garment an Ifaiana or Avalava.  ( see video ) The political future of men’s fashion is in the proverbial changing room, and the political stage will become a lit with men’s fashion taking on very exciting tones.

Mens American SamoaA merican Samoa busibess dress                                       Seen here. American Samoan Chief and Vice Cheer in Political  Convention

Here at A Man dressed we are poised to set the stage, and participate in the twist and turns of the political fashion dance.

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Things People are saying about – Men’s fashion

A Man Dressed 2.1

Men and Women are talking about Men’s Fashion.

I have been talking to many people, both women and men in the interest of understanding the concept and designs around men’s fashion. Going forward I will now be posting the thoughts and comments of people around te world on the topic of men’s fashion.

Here are Quotes from the mouths of they that care to say.

 ” Thank you so much, Sheree! Men have been disprivileged clothes wise for a long time. Though women’s fashions are usually formed for the purpose of bringing out the unique beauty of the individual, most men’s fashions are social uniforms at best! Unless a man is a hardcore hippie, he has little chance to find clothing that is self-expressive. That is very sad, because our relationship to physical self-expression, extends to our expression of intimacy with others, like it or not! A woman who feels sexy usually is. The same is true of a man. Men’s clothes seldom do justice to their physical form. It seems expected that they don’t care. You may be our saving grace! Do you offer personal consultations? Yes, I would love to wear a kilt, err, skirt. In my Grateful Dead days, I wore skirts sometimes, but that would be crazy today! I love that you are inventing fashions for men. We need this! Please keep me informed!”             Sam: USA.

“Hello, I like your website. I like the information that you provide in man fashion in all the videos. I am a single dad of 2 boys and even know my life is busy but always take the time to know what is in the man fashioned industry. I teach my boys on how they need to dress for different occasions. Keep up the good work”.       Julius: USA.

Mens Fashion1

 “I can’t wait until you have more styles up and running. I want to learn how to dress my husband in something other than gym shorts and a t-shirt when he’s not in his work uniform, while him not giving up comfort”.                           Sharon:  Australia.

“I love this site. You see so few website focused on men’s fashion. Women have so many options. But it’s a different story for guys. This is a lovely fashion-forward site for any and all men that want to embrace their style and add to it. You’re very clear and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”   Allison: UK

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Summer 2016 Men’s Fashion

A Man Dressed 2.1

2016 the year of Men’s fashion

Men’s fashion week in New York and for that matter, all over the world, is now a huge event in 2016, and is expected to grow massively in the coming years  I am calling 2016  the year of men’s fashion. We are now seeing a surge of men’s fashion bloggers, and more men are making a point of seeking out ways of using fashion to express themselves creatively.  All that said, as we head into summer of 2016; are men able to effectively transition from winter to summer fashion and still creatively self-express?  I do believe so, although they are looking to women’s fashion trends, for inspiration. Believing that women have a unique sense and sensibility when it comes to fashion. ( not so) Women simply have been given more choices, and so it has been for hundreds of years.  In contrast; and while there are many more men’s fashion style mags and blogs than ever there is still a  great lacking of good versatile designs for men outside of the classics. Still This summer, 2016 we’ll  see far more creative and colorful fashion for men because of the developing trends.

All that said, as we head into summer of 2016; are men able to effectively transition from winter to summer fashion and still creatively self-express?  I do believe so, although they are looking to women’s fashion trends, for inspiration. Believing that women have a special sense and sensibility when it comes to fashion. ( not so) Women simply have been given more choices, and so it has been for hundreds of years.  In contrast; and while there are many more men’s fashion style mags and blogs than ever, there is still a  great lacking of good versatile designs for men outside of the classics. Still This summer, 2016 we’ll  see far more creative and cooler fashion for men because of the budding trend of the Manche and a more acceptable mix of prints, florals and colors reminiscent of summer in men’s fashion lines.

GQ Men Summer

As men fashion concepts change, and I speak for the silent majority of men. I would like to see far more creative, well fitting and relaxed men styles and designs for summer. While the classics are a must in every man’s wall robe, Designers must and I am sure continue to push the trends toward that aesthetic allure.

Manche summer

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Men’s Fashion-Setting Trends

A Man Dressed 2.1

Setting trends in men’s fashion.

Since 2009 I have maintained the future of men’s fashion choices will include without a doubt, what I refer to as legless garments; known here as the Manche. You will hear ii refer to as skort, skirt, kilt or kilt like. For the moment whatever its called, it’s going to become a viable part of men’s wardrobe. More and more we will design Manche garments for men, more and more they will become widely accepted and available. I have spoken with many men, who swears they would never wear one, but I am sure; very sure they will, and not in the too distant future. I remenber when a so called real man  of so-called serious substance would never be caught dead in earnings.  Then they were wearing only one and now its becoming standard to see men from all age group sporting earrings in both lobes. and boy dont they look great?!

Man about town in manche

It is from my point of view, very pleasing to see men’s expression of self within the scope of fashion and fashion trends morphing into new and delightful pathways. At this point I can gleafully predict a very exiting future for men and their fashion options.

 Thank you for seeing these words and hearing my thoughts. Please tell me yours.
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PRINCE- A fashion superstar

Prince one of our greatest talent;

His talent was second to none. his music transcends transforms, and I can’t help but notice his fashionability and the way he takes men’s fashion to that next level that I dream of seeing. If I were to seek an example of a leader in the transformation of men’s fashion the most outstanding person coming to mind is; of course the one and only PRINCE. He was and has been the guy that wears clothes that are dynamic and iconic. From high collar ruffle to his very low V neck tunic, his dress, always tastefully avant-garde, he boldly boasted colors, prints, lace fringes, hanging jewels and any and every variety of textures and materials; Always a thrill to see.


Prince was and has always been the guy that excites the visual senses with his fashion. He rocks high heels like nobodies business. Everything that he wears is nothing short of fashion genius; Prince has always added a flavor of masculine feminity to men’s fashion. A great talent and a super inspiration. I hope to see in the future men taking his lead and continue to express artfully and fashionable.

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