Men In Skirts? ( Manche )

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Men In Skirts?



Lately, the talk is hot, and the question is significant. Men in skirts, why not? I have been talking about this since 2007. Then I predicted that by 2014 men will be wearing this garment and it would be readily available, it is happening now, a little slower than I anticipated. I do think, however, that the process is slow because we are calling it skirts. I have actively maintained it should not be called skirt but rather a word akin to a male-specific attire: like  The Manche.

If you image-google men in a skirt you will see a blazing Montague of men in skirts clearly made specifically for the woman’s form and the sight is in my ecstatic opinion visually troubling.  Pic below. I am sure you can agree with me on this.

Men In Dresses

Now as you know I A Man Dressed is a strong advocate of men wearing legless garments, ( The Manche ) however, it is imperative that such garments must be constructed and named for men, for as you can see it cannot be considered a serious choice. It vastly crucial that designers take seriously the design elements that will favour the men’s form..

This silhouette by Sheree Saber, for example, is a start.

Men must have the choice but must look good making it. More to come on this topic

Please leave a comment let the world hear your thought on this talk and be apart of the conversation of change.

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What Men Want In Clothing:

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Men are talking about what they want in clothing:

Many conversations are going on in the men’s world about clothing and what they want to wear or not to wear. In  AMan Dressed we are opening the doors to welcome these discussions. More often than we realise are men talking about fashion. They are speaking to each other and perhaps more often to themselves, about what they are wearing, what there is to wear and what it is that they want to wear. Men are also looking at women’s clothing in comparison and perhaps some with eyes of green. Some men even shop in women’s department. They do this for colour, style, and change. For example, upon discussing men wearing the Kilt,  ( Manche ) outside of its ethnic alignment and within these debates, we have found that many men want the freedom to wear the Kilt and to have it available in general design. Some men are choosing to wear skirts ( Not Beautiful! ) I contend that “skirts ” should be distinguished for women.  The legless garment for men should be designed specifically for men and named accordingly. Kilt preferably  Manche for the general whole. Be Bold
Here is a quote from JP talking about what he likes and want.

“I am a 64-year-old Irish male. I have worn kilts; however, kilts are not always practical clothing. I much prefer women’s skirts. They are cheaper, washable, and a nylon mix is often much warmer than a kilt. Men need to become more supportive of other men in this sphere. As I see it, the problem is not just about wearing a skirt or trousers; it has a lot to do with what men perceive to be “NORMAL behaviour. For some reason, there exists huge insecurity in the macho man. Men love to put other men down — I live for me, NOT, to adhere to stupefying male-to-male peer-pressure.”

Here another man ( Learsi ) express his thoughts on comfort and health.

Traditionally men have always had dressed in skirts, only 300 years ago that forced them to wear pants.
The pants are the least suitable garment for a man; the boxer shorts, serves as the splint on his genitals, (promoting malfunction, and disabilities), the center seam of the pants abused, bruised and uncomfortable all the time the genitals; strap or belt acts as a tourniquet, and forces the heart to pump blood more effort (to overcome the contraction that makes the tourniquet), and poor blood supply affects: the digestive system, urinary system, the apparatus reproductive. In addition to the use of pants, man has finished peeing standing which is totally unnatural. Skirts and dresses with skirts for men are supreme-mind HEALTHY, convenient and comfortable. The pants, the tight underpants, the centre seam of the pants, and belt or belt, are promoting modern diseases of men: impotence, infertility, prostate problems and possibly cancer of the testicle.
No part of the male body is more abused than the genitals.

For better health and comfort wear skirts or dresses skirt.”

Thank you for visiting. Please be a part of the discussion and leave your comments below.

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Comments On Fashion/Mens Fashion talk

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Comments on men’s fashion are increasing:

More and more men’s fashion is being talked about. People are recognizing that there are things to talk about.  Like more colors in men’s clothing, more readily available style choices and variety in designs silhouette. Here at A Man Dressed we’ll  see some of what people are saying. The words are out the future of men’s fashion is looking colorful and brighter. In my next post, I’ll be talking about men’s accessories for men. Be Bold


 Josh from England says;  That dude in the picture looks badass as hell and he looks like al Pacino’s brother. I agree with your point about using colour while dressing. Not many of us guys like to do it but it definitely makes you stand out in the world. I like the idea of natural fibers as well I have a few silky pieces of clothing and they feel amazingggg!! “
Jessica says;  ” I think it is very interesting that we never give much thought into men’s fashion. I know they have designer labels for things like suits and ties, but since so many men just wear whatever they pick up at Walmart I could see why trying to get a fashion trend going in men’s wear is hard. It is good to see that someone is trying.”

Baxter says:     ” This was a great post. I completely agree with the whole discussion about how men are restricted from expressing themselves by having to be forced to wear suits and ties when working in industries such as the service industry. This post was a refreshing when I compare it to the vast majority of posts that I come across when browsing online, and I look forward to consuming more content like this.”

Join the talk and leave a comment everyone wants to hear from you. Thank you for joining in.

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Men’s Skin Care / 3 Ways to Clear Younger Radiant Skin You’ll Love

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Clear Radiant Younger looking skin for Men:

Let’s face it glowing; radiant skin is not nor should be exclusive to women. Men should be just as concerned about skin care as women are. In years passed the skin care industry seemed unique to women, but things have changed, and thankfully, it is now very fashionable for men to take care of his skin, we now see more products available to achieve good looking skin. Men of all ages are taking advantage of the accessibility of improved brands, designed for men’s facial care.


If you are considering implementing a new skin care regimen, and all men should; there are many avenues to take for achieving that goal. We are going to discuss three ways to go. Apart from a proper diet, a correct amount of water daily rest, good sleep, love, peace and getting a professional massage. But let’s talk about how you can do a perfect skin care regimen daily at home. Do these, and you are sure to look always ten years younger.

                        1.      Start with proper cleansing, using a product that works with your skin


                        2.   Use a facial brush/anti-aging devise. [ FOREOLuna 2 for men is a great product ]


                              3 .  Use a Personal Microdermabrasion device, twice per week. Always use a moisturizer.

If you start with these three steps you can be sure; there will be a pleasant smile on your face for all time.

Thank you for reading this informative blog. I am sure you will find significant benefits. Please leave a comment below and come again.


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Pioneering-Innovative Styles For Men

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Fashion Designers Pioneering innovative Design For Men.

In the world of men’s fashion, we are now seeing more exciting and innovative designs. For the last ten years, I have seen some amazingly unique and wearable designs for men, but I can say with certainty that these attempts to pioneer new and exciting designs for men are still few and far between.  So I am here to take part in the inevitable destiny of men’s fashion.  It is true that fundamentally, designing for men is not the bonanza of the fashion world, an ongoing discussion on this platform. I am always delighted to see the excitement about clothes, awaken in men when they try on one of the Saber T-shirts. Seen here, equally remarkable when they see other designs by Sheree Saber and realize that they can look good in original pieces designed for men.

This post looks at a few designs men are feeling very good about.

Stepping out ©



New Style-Saber T'shirt
Saber T’ ©

Thank you for visiting. Please leave your comments and thoughts. You are part of the creation.                                          If you like any of these pieces contact us for details at        


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Men’s Fashion / The Latest Trend 2017

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 The Latest Trend in Men’s Fashion

Let’s discuss this latest trend in men’s fashion. At A Man Dressed we are known for tweaking men’s fashion toward that something a little different, allowing men to have more variety, colors, and added choices to his wardrobe. It is always exciting to see designers putting it out there by walking that very narrow line in creating excitement and interest in the world of men’s dressing. This new trend is, by all means, no exception. The summer of 2017 is trending The Male Romper. Would you wear one?



The Romper or men’s jumpsuit is not new; it’s a come back from the 70’s style. Here seen an add for the ” One Easy Piece.”  Now, regarding this trend. I can say that in this instant it’s not a bad look I can also say it is not as effeminate, as in the 2017 version, in fact, I see a very stylishly casually dressed man and wouldn’t mind seeing this form of fashion on the come back in 2017/2018 and beyond.


This 2017 trend of the men’s jumper,  somehow is just not catching my eye. Could it be the lack of details or the fabric texture and color combination? It is a fantastic time when it comes to men’s fashion. With the introduction of new or renewed trends. Looking at men’s styles through the years is and will be an ongoing conversation about that gap that exists, between the timeless and functionals suit. The question and discussions continue. Can a man be considered just as well dressed and classy if he isn’t clothed in the traditional Suit?

Please leave a comment below. Tell me what you would like to see change or should everything remain the same. I am honestly looking forward o hearing from you

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A Man Dressed-Thanks You

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Thank you for  your donations and support:

Your kindness in donating to this effort is greatly appreciated. This act will go a long way in helping to create for you accessible well designed and quality men’s clothing that is wearable, stylish and exciting. We are looking forward to serving you in the highest possible fashion. Soon you will be able to purchase beautiful items that you will greatly enjoy, from right here within A Man Dressed website.



Sheree Saber

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The Most Flattering Color A Man Can Wear/According to Women

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Wha Are The Most Flattering  Colors A Man Can Wear According To Women?

It is a universal fact that color in men’s clothing is the exception. Only in recent years do we see tinges of color peeking out mostly on sports shirts. Typically inside a man clothing store, the eye is forced to contend with the ever constant muted shades of grays brown, black, and various hues of blues. This is particularly true of the Americas. The dress shirts are commonly white or light blues. Pink shirts do exist but are far less common. It was circa 1980’s that patch of florals and pastel plaids appeared on men’s sports shirts but worn mostly by the more fashion forward.In 2017 color is still hard to find in western men’s fashion.  Men’s shoes are lacking in color variances as well.

It is a curious psychology, especially from the eyes and thought of women, that have a thought about this phenomenon. Who said this must be so? Do men prefer these color choices by nature, or is it just a condition of unchallenged customs? I am apt to think its culture and custom. For example, we see very colorful shirts in the ‘Hawaiian Shirt’ also in African men’s fashion and note that when there is color, they are extreme. ( A topic for another article) I would like to think that some rational attention will be paid to this situation in men’s clothing, perhaps by virtue of this script such is being done.

What then about whites in men’s clothing. Is it as rear to see men sporting an all-white ensemble or all pink. What about an all pastel combination? Perhaps so, but I think the eyes of women would smile.


Thank you for visiting. Please tell us your thoughts and ideas, so we can bring you more quality and information.  Please visit us on youtube. Remember to like and subscribe   

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Wearing A KILT Should Be For Every Man/Manche-Kilt

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Every Man Should Wear A Kilt 

The kilt or legless garment for men has been in existence since the  16th – 17th century. They were not called kilts until the Scots,  made then a tradition named them so. Many other ethnicities wear this garment and its called by different names, but most popular it the Kilt.

There is an enormous silent cry for this form ( Manche ) to be more accepted and accessible for men in the mainstream. For now, it is a very niche garment, and only very few places manufacture this silhouette for men. In America, it’s called the Utilakilt ( Seen here. )  made by the said company. While men often wear these utility kilts for work, they most often are worn on formal ethnic occasion.Dressed outside of the traditional arena, men wearing them are at times ridiculed it takes a strong man to be a man in a kilt, or (as we A Man Dressed calls it) a manche.

Every man should wear a kilt or manche and should have at least one in his position.  Men who own wear this garment regularly swears by the comfort that they enjoy. They claim that once you dawn one, you’ll surely want another. Also, many women find men very sexy and attractive when he is wearing a manche/kilt. I am one of those women. In my opinion, we see this grow to become a mainstream choice for men.         [ Cant wait ]

There are many studies which conclude that men who wear kilt-like garments are healthier and more fertile with a superior quality of sperm compear to other men. It is a known argument that Scotish men who wear kilts are far more fruitful. As for fertility and men’s health, this is a topic for another platform but is definitely worth mentioning here.

So in summary, let’s count the why’s, that men should wear the Manche/Kilt

  •  Confort.
  • Health
  • Women are very attracted to a man wearing a Manche/Kilt
  • Gives men more choices in his fashion style.

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