Can a man be well dressed without a suit?

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                      Well dressed and no suit

I t would seem that if a man is not wearing a suit, or decked out in many layers of clothing, he may be treated as not well dressed. Upon pouring over countless images in magazines, online,  looking in stores, searching the history of the men attire, it has become an apparent fact that; he is not considered dressed until he is suit-fully dressed. But why is this, and where is the gap filler. Will we at some point in fashion future, merge successfully with fashion pass, to bring about some possible diversity? This question is an ongoing theme on this site; we touched upon the suit in pages.   And may we all join in the conversation.  Let’s observe images of a dressed man.  Beachwear-1905

In times past, men dressed this way all day and on all occasions, perhaps except for sports, and even then his dressing was not far from suiting up.

Fashion- forward- suits

While there are some innovative designs and embellishments to these suits, of the fashion forward and well-dressed men, it’s all the same still.  Variation or changes are minimal.


But what if he is not suited up and layered on, is there a risk of looking costume and style- less, or is there truly a happy medium?

Please leave a comment in the comment section below.  Let’s hear your view, your thought.

Thank you.

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