Future of men’s fashion – Not so terrifying.

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Men’s fashion future, not terrifying, just changing.

While it may seem, by looking at designers collections of men’s fashion  at London fashion week, that the future of men’s fashion is terrorizing our visual aesthetics or simply terrifying, to imagine the future of men’s fashion along these lines. I can say with tremendous certainty that we are and will step into MFF  ( men’s fashion future ) with style and grace.

No future for men fashion in this scene
No future for men fashion in this scene

There is no doubt that men’s fashion as we know it is on a drastic path of change, and a change we all eagerly anticipate, but wait, what we are now seeing is just a product of a paradigm shift, which is inevitable. So be not alarmed, the reality is, change is here, but seriously so, taste and style is or will not be lost, not even on the fashion foolish.


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9 thoughts on “Future of men’s fashion – Not so terrifying.

  1. Hi Peter Thank you for visiting A Man Dressed, it’s my delight to continue to improve on the site and by so doing equally work to make an improved dent into the world of men’s fashion.
    I hope you will soon return

  2. Hello: Divican. Thank you so sincerely for your comments, I am very happy that you have taken the time to view my site, I am looking forward to sheading more light on the stage of men’s fashion, giing ideas and man by man changing the way we view the world of men’s fashion. 2016 will see many amaing things, and this is one of them. Thamk you again and much joy to in your choices.

  3. Oh good information to know about men’s fashion.
    I will like to know you admin, what kind of fashion that will you suggest to me. I am a man whop like to go with current fashions. Dressing in decent mode impresses me and that is why it has forced me to book mark your site for my future reference and I will refer more people to your site whom I know like fashions.

  4. Hello Bo I an so pleased that you are one the new guys that’s taking the fashion for men into account, great changes in men’s fashion and clothing are coming, so its good to be tuned in Vivienne Westwood is one of my favorites. Marc Jacobs Gautlier, Craig Green, Charlie and Joe to name only a few.I must also include myself up and coming. Thank you so much for your comment, please come over again.

  5. Haha good to know! When I saw that picture my first thought was “uh-oh” but its good to know I can find my own personal style :). Speaking of which as a new comer to the fashion scene what are some designers who you like? I’m trying to get an eye for who and what to look start researching further.

  6. Hi Peter: Its true a new chapter of of men’s designs is on its way and I’m sure you will agree it’s a well needed chapter, it time I believe, that we give a bit more thought, creative depth and diversity in the design of men’s clothing, I too am looking forward to the changes. The good thing is, changes will be.

  7. Yes no more 80’s designs, completely agree with Neal. Looking forward to the next chapter in men’s design. I love the new suits they’ve come out with but skinny is the new word…oh my to keep up!

  8. The thing I hate about men’s fashion at the moment, is the fact that it’s been taken back all the way to the 80’s… even the haircuts!

    We have already lived in that era, so it’s about time our fashion stepped into the future a little more!

    HA HA… I would definitely not wear that women’s type garment in the image 😛

    The only change I’ve seen so far, is going back in time!

    Hopefully men’s fashion will move the opposite direction 🙂


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