Gender Neutral Fashion – Is it the future?

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A Man Dressed 2.1

 Gender neutral fashion a future concept.

When talking about fashion today, the gender lines are blurred; more and more men are feeling the wave of gender neutral attire and have started to ride it. Once upon a time, men’s clothing was just that. Any man remotely thinking of what it would be like to sport that pair of pant legging and or that lovely floral number, was just thinking and dear not make a mention of that thought, but rather keep it in the closet.

Now men are shopping in the women’s section, ( Watch ) merely because the garments appeal to them and, they are ok with wearing them and naturally nothing near can be found in the men’s section. It is clear the future of fashion will generally be gender neutral. As a designer II have seen this trend coming for a long time now, and I am thrilled that it has finally arrived, and I do speak for everyone the field of fashion that has wanted for the platform of creative freedom to bring men and women together in a fashion neutrality. There is a rapid change in world culture, due mainly to instant communication and social media; that is facilitating this concept. A very welcome change.

To the future.

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