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New Style-Saber T'shirt
      Saber T’

Ask the average woman what she thinks about men’s fashion, and she is most likely to say ” I have given it no thought.”  In fact, while there has been some improvement in recent years, there is still very little about men’s clothing and style. Thousands of brands, shopping outlets, boutiques, back street shops and countless entities which in all creates the fashion experience and the world of women’s fashion dominate.

Why is there such an imbalance between the sexes and fashion?

According to  Hadley Freeman from the Guardian { Ask Hadly }   “Why womenswear gets more attention than menswear? Because womenswear can be fabulous, gorgeous, weird, ridiculous, breathtaking, game-changing, enviable, exciting, desirable, wonderful. Menswear, on the other hand, can only be two things: weird or boring. And there’s only so much mileage you get from those two qualities.”

A Man Dressed disagree with Hadly and working to change the paradigm. We are designing and creating exciting designs for men, starting with producing the Saber T-Shirt kicking off the start of a new world of men’s fashion.

Go here and be a part of the change and Get The Shirt! Help to make menswear; enviable, exciting,  desirable, and game-changing. Please leave your comments and suggestions

Thank you for being here. We hope you will participate and help the cause to make the change.

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