Mans Fashion Gen Y talks about men’s fashion future.

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Gen Y believes that men’s fashion future will go back to the past. It’s understandable how it can easily be so anticipated, as in truth men’s fashion has changed at a snails pace over many years of the fashion revolution.

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2 thoughts on “Mans Fashion Gen Y talks about men’s fashion future.

  1. Gideon: Thank you for your comment. I hope you were inspired, and will look at the men’s fashion world in a new way, helping to push forward some good changes. Please come back again, and see the improvements.


  2. Fully agree with their opinions! As a 23 year old I’ve perceptually witnessed the modern style change to what is a more old school look you could say. Even hair cuts these days are in a complete reverse. I guess how men dress doesn’t vary as much due to the culture and therefore number of market segments available.

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