Men in Manche-Kilt- or- Skirt/The- Review

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 A Man Dressed 2.2

  Men wearing manche, or kilt are growing in numbers

Product: Damn near kilt ‘Em men’s Highlander utility kilt.

Price: $79 ( there is range of pricing depending on styles and types )

Places to purchase: One of many. Amazon
Size: Will vary.

Rating: I m rating this must have, 9 out of 10.


More men are joining this growing trend toward wearing kilt and kilt/ like garments. Are you one of those men, will you become a manche/kilt wearing man, should you?

In my perceptive opinion. I do think all men and boys should have at least one of these in his wardrobe; you should not have to be of a particular ethnic fraction or even a fashion buff to have the experience of comfort, ease and style. This garment will add to your dress. A man in a manche  ( it should never be termed skirt, while on men ) is quite a turn on, and in general, people enjoy this, especially women, and more than you would imagine, thinks you are gorgeously hot when you wear them. I do believe however that men enjoy wearing them for slightly different reasons.

There are many conversations taken place worldwide on this topic, both pros and con. Be a part of this trend, get into the flow, wear the Manche. Hear what some people are saying. And the debate goes on, but I can tell you, not long from now the question will not be, should men wear a skirt?  It will be more along the lines of, ” Today more men are choosing to wear the manche casually and at times in the workplace, and women love it while men appreciate the availability  ease and functionality” Watch this 

                                                       Why men wear ( skirts ) manche

Some men are now wearing ( skirts) manche for a few reasons, 1: sometimes in protest, because women can wear pants or anything and it’s all acceptable,  2:  There are very few garments as such, that are made specifically for the men, that wants wear them.  3: Men are looking for more versatility, new ways to self-express, comfort, and not be limited to just pants or shorts.  Check this out.  I feel these men are better looking, because of how they’re dressed.

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