Men Style How Easy to Achive

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Men Style:

Let talk about men’s style, starting with the question;  is there enough verity in fashion creations, available to the general male fashion consumer, for him to create and achieve a style. A style reverent to him, in terms of culture, age, interest, taste and level of basic creativity?

The answer to that question, I fear is perhaps a no.  That’s why A Man Dressed is here,  exploring the depths of this ” short change” of half the worlds  population. There are designers, tailors and stylists, versed in making and creating/fitting, wonderful male garments, there are lone artists, with small following , which can and do deliver stunning, and uniquely tasteful attire for men;  however the mass majority of men are left to wonder the shops in boredom, while the woman shop to the drop.

I am sure you  have experienced this, but perhaps not fully aware of the reason why you would prefer to throw on an old pear of jeans a polo or t-shirt, smoke a cigar, and read the sport magazine, or better take a ride in your  Aston Martin DB6 1970. Yes!

Aston_ Martin_DB6_1970

We are here to say:  In the very near future this will be quite a different scenario;  you see more men are becoming style conscious, and are seeking opportunities to make themselves look good, smarter, and more stylish.  As more information comes through, men are becoming more aware and asking more questions. Women are more verbal in the way she wants to see men ( her man ) Men are no longer afraid of expressing his unique style.  The fashion world will and are responding accordingly.

So there is a driving force behind the future of men style, and it is new, bright and fresh. You will be able to create your own unique visually tasteful style, easily identified and perhaps copied by those experiencing you.

Stylish-look      Another type of style

Another type of style


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2 thoughts on “Men Style How Easy to Achive

  1. Hello Karin: Than you so much for stopping by. It is correct that most women don’t generally think about men’s fashion, as result men rarely think about fashion, and often about how they look. I think that could change a little. So I hope you will cone back and enjoy more thought and ideas
    See the latest post.

  2. Hi Shereek, your site is very interesting. I never really thought too much about men’s fashion, because my husband has a job where he wears cargo pants and t-shirts. Also we don’t go out very much, so there is no need for a lot of fashionable clothes. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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