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 What is fashion?  Fashion is a popular way of dressing during a particular period or among a group of people; the business of creating clothing in a new form or silhouette ( the outer limits of an object, surface. A contour, figure,  delineation, profile, form, shape, framework or skeleton.) To influence a prevailing custom. 


The definition of style: A distinctive manner of expression, a particular way in which something was created, perform, or done, or worn.  A custom or behavior in which a person may conduct self, a particular mode of living ( High Style ) a unique way of self-expression done with ease, confidence, and grace.


Trend: A way of extending and moving in a general direction, to follow a particular appeal in a general course of time. To show a tendency of shifting.

Moving forward; I think it paramount that we understand the difference between these three phrases, all too often they tend to get mixed, leading to total confusion, as to where, or who you are when it comes to getting in touch with our fashion forwardness.

Now; the idea is to be fashionable and stylish while fitting in with the trends. Achieving this will, in all certainty, enter you into the world of the fashion forward, and well-dressed man and tastefully beyond.New-Style-T'shirt                                                                         This is a trend t-shirt.  Shereek©

If you feel that you have not achieved fashion-ability and stylishness, in your quest for looking and being your very best, by way of your dress, or you may be there, but feel there is just a little thing missing and you wonder, where to start. Then let make a few observation.

  • First; you must if you have not yet consciously done so, develop your personal style. Your personal style comes from the inner you seeking expression. When a particular silhouette, ( which may even seem trendy, or slightly off beat) speaks to you. A style to which you gravitate; and If you respond to that feeling with honesty, you will after all, naturally choose and wear clothes that will make you feel in complete control, confidence, gorgeous, successful and just awesomely hot.
  • Second; you must look at fashion trends, with an open mind and not limit yourself, to one particular style, as you are not, nor should you be a one-dimensional being. If you are drawn to colors, floral or shapes outside of the regular norm, go with it, this is your real self, reaching for expression.
  • Third; Try to avoid being gender phobic,  for we are rapidly moving toward a new world, a new existence, and understanding, a new awareness, of all things. Our world as we know it, will simply not be as it were in the near past, for as the future reaches us, you will be pleased you paid attention in the present now.

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