Mens Fashion Trend in Skirts

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A Man Dressed 1The trend in men wearing skirts is here and growing

 The talk has been going on now for some time; now the talks are moving to the actual, by mid-2016 you will be seeing more men wearing the Manche (man skirt ), and more inventory will be found in stores and, needless to say, an Amazon. Here at  We strongly support and are for men adding this silhouette to their fashion fusion. More men than we can imagine is all for this future trend in menswear, the word while it has and are been spoken, has not yet reached the big wave, but let me assure you soon the sound will be unmistakeable.


Many men at this point have said they would not wear a Manche, yet I have observed lascivious expression on the faces of women and the embolus gaze of men as they watched a fashion smart man gliding by in delighted comfort. Ho yes, did we not mention the comfort factor? One reason I believe why men are so poorly dressed lately, as they clad themselves in oversized sweats, shorts, gym clothes, it’s shirts and even suits, is that they are seeking comfort. The very unattractive boxer is a testament. Thank heavens they are undergarments.


I am calling every man to consider a new or different possibility in the design of your clothing. We are heading into a new future, with ways of thinking and doing things, such as we have never conceived, we will all be wearing garments made from things we can’t imagine now. Men wearing skirts, kilts or Manche is only a small beginning.

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2 thoughts on “Mens Fashion Trend in Skirts

  1. Hello Mara; Indeed we live in an amazingly complex and fascinating society, where always there is a point of view. On the topic of men’s fashion I am only thrilled to be a part on the recent observation, where far too little thoughts have been given to men and their fashion, and too few choices have been afforded men in the area of expression through fashion. A peculiar dictate is in place as it relates to men and that’s why I have created this site. I take the liberty to speak for many; who to see men in clothing that not restricted to the static, pants and shirt ensemble. Men should have the Manche available to them along with interesting fashion choices, with wich he can easily and abundantly express himself.
    Thank you so much for visiting the site and giving us your heartfelt comment. We hope to hear from you again. We intend to bring much more to a man dressed, that will enrich all our fashion thoughts.

  2. People are learning that the society has created this hypocritical bubble with borders and rules what a male or female has to wear, violating all basic rules and laws of human rights which gave/give individuals the own right of expression. But who thinks about so “LITTLE” details?
    Yes I think in 2016 we’ll see more men in Manche. There is no other piece of clothes which fit a male body than a skirted garment.
    Skirts and dresses for men are becoming a hot trend in the male fashion world. The acceptance of new fashion trends and a new wave of men taken more flamboyant styles is what we need in the fashion world. In these modern times, gender-free clothing and advocating individuality are becoming a rite of passage and were two huge themes in 2015’s fashion. There is a new wave of emphasis on a gender couture in fashion, which exposes the shifting focuses designers are taking: shifting men’s and women’s garment toward fashion that holds no un-necessary gender boundaries, whereby pieces of similar making can be worn by either sex.
    I know there are a lot of outdated people around which can’t understand that. Young people consider themselves more modern than their parents and grandparents. Chronologically, that makes sense. Why do I have the feeling that we’re way more conservative than we think we are? Why do I have the feeling that we’ve become bitter and small minded? Why do we bring up the stereotypes on every, single talk without thinking?
    We always wit from someone to tell us what’s right and what’ wrong. We want to look like our neighbor, like be dresses like the uniform mass. With this way we created a society of uniformly thinking ad dressing.
    But the truth: Men wore skirts and dresses for thousand of years, and what was wrong with that?
    I do support this new way deeply, and we should let people express themselves and think twice before we sting with our stinger.

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