Men’s fashion when you think about it.

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When you think about it

Men’s fashion when you think about it, there is a lot to be said. A lot to be said about the fact that a huge portion of the population just don’t think about men’s fashion. From this lack of thinking about it, comes a series of thoughts in the form of questions, questions like why, and from that, more whys still.

Why do we focus  so significantly on women fashion, and  nearly not  at all on men’s,  this to the point where men are opting for downing  women’s clothes,  many of them so do in secret, and then  feel shame for having to do so covertly;             Example:



When you think about it, what if we had a world where, like for the woman the man had endless opportunity to  be as colorful and creative, stylish, chic, modish and dapper, without being considered anything, but just a mam well dressed. I’am of the enlightened belief that if men’s fashion were so gared or designed, some of the unanswerable questions, would never have to have been asked.

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