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                                      This observation Post.

In this post I want to talk about some of the different styles of men’s  clothes, then get into why it is worn the way it is, and for sure present some questions, to be asked and answered by guys and gals.

So lets take a look at these pictures and have a discussion.

Now what we see here is;  designer  Moncler Gamme Bleu  summer collection for Milan fashion week. Inspired by rowing in the collegiate style.

In observing  these styles, I am happy to see bright hues and shades now so popular in men’s fashion and becoming more so, ( Thank God ) but I am a bit confused, while I understand that fashion shows present the abstract to express the theme; do we ( Designer/Stylists )  really think about, what he is wearing, how and why. Can you imagine a man trying to get in touch with his fashion self, goes to this show and would be inspired by this, thinking this is the how; gets the entire ensemble and off he goes rowing. This is just a satirical observation. I have actually seem men on the streets  doing this very thing; or putting the brand name thing to death, by wearing from head to tow  RL hat, glasses, polo shirt with the giant polo insignia, polo down pants, socks shoes and polo man bag.  RL I am sure loves such a man dressed, but eyes do suffer, I must say.

In this picture the guys are wearing shorts, dress shirts, ties, vests and jackets.  Ho my! The forever shirt, tie and jacket ( The Suite ) Now imagine what will happen when he takes off the coats/jackets, he is left wearing shorts, with shirt vest and tie, after that it will be shorts and tie and socks just rowing away.

Seriously we are going to really look at a man dressed and can we talk?

Please leave your comments;

Thank you.

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