PRINCE- A fashion superstar

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Prince one of our greatest talent;

His talent was second to none. his music transcends transforms, and I can’t help but notice his fashionability and the way he takes men’s fashion to that next level that I dream of seeing. If I were to seek an example of a leader in the transformation of men’s fashion the most outstanding person coming to mind is; of course the one and only PRINCE. He was and has been the guy that wears clothes that are dynamic and iconic. From high collar ruffle to his very low V neck tunic, his dress, always tastefully avant-garde, he boldly boasted colors, prints, lace fringes, hanging jewels and any and every variety of textures and materials; Always a thrill to see.


Prince was and has always been the guy that excites the visual senses with his fashion. He rocks high heels like nobodies business. Everything that he wears is nothing short of fashion genius; Prince has always added a flavor of masculine feminity to men’s fashion. A great talent and a super inspiration. I hope to see in the future men taking his lead and continue to express artfully and fashionable.

Gives us your thought. Should men take a page from Prince fashion expression? Leave a comment below.

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