The Men Skirt – In Men’s Fashion- is that the name?

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The Man Skirt.

The man skirt is becoming a huge topic in the world of men’s fashion,  lately as more people are talking and taking notice of men’s wear, particularly in light of the fact, that society,  in general, is riding on the wings of some significant changes. Changes that are going on at all levels of the fashion industry. Apart from the practical, clothing is now seen and treated as an art form and as a science. In a matter of speaking, this has been so for hundreds of years; however, today the tone is different, changes are faster, bigger, and vastly more dynamic.  New technologies are now introduced into fashion the concepts. 3D printing, for example, and fabrics made from new forms of organic material, smart materials, such as spray on, natural or synthetic fibers and so much more. In the midst of all these changes and movements,  all over the globe now,  men are asking this question,  “Why can’t we wear skirts,  or the Manche, who said we must always wear just pants”?

Man wearing manche
Man wearing Manche

The name skirt comes from the word skyrta, which is old English; Skirt, translated from the Germanic root, means the shirt,  a skirt was once a long shirt, worn solely by men. It is not clear when the term skirt became distinctively, associated with women and so disassociated with men. Today men around the world, though in relatively small numbers, rapidly increasing, are vying to wear this garment openly, without it being associated to the kilt, or any ethnic attire, or without being depicted as strange, frivolous, or any such adjectives. But since the term skirt is now so deeply identified with womanness, can men wear it while calling it a skirt and be taken seriously? If we named it the Man Skirt, will that make it more favorable to men acceptability of that garment?  Some men argue that it should remain skirt. Even if men are wearing it;  this in protest to the fact that they are not allowed to wear freely skirt though they want to. Others say it should be called a man skirt, some still say, if the word skirt is involved, they would be less likely to wear one, but would consider it. Only if the name wasn’t associated, in any way with the woman garment. These men are more liable to wear a kilt, but only remotely, because of the traditional association.

In our humble opinion, we think the name Manche, should be given to the garment worn by men. Making such distinction is, quite necessary, to move the discussion forward,  there is no doubt, however, that there is an active movement toward men wanting to wear freely garments other than the pants, and do so in the perfect favor of public opinions. Present day attitude dictates that, this is the future of men’s fashion,  and as more men choose to liberate themselves from the rigid confines of acceptable male dress, the Manche or man skirt will become a very impressive part of the man’s wardrobe.

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