The Most Flattering Color A Man Can Wear/According to Women

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Wha Are The Most Flattering  Colors A Man Can Wear According To Women?

It is a universal fact that color in men’s clothing is the exception. Only in recent years do we see tinges of color peeking out mostly on sports shirts. Typically inside a man clothing store, the eye is forced to contend with the ever constant muted shades of grays brown, black, and various hues of blues. This is particularly true of the Americas. The dress shirts are commonly white or light blues. Pink shirts do exist but are far less common. It was circa 1980’s that patch of florals and pastel plaids appeared on men’s sports shirts but worn mostly by the more fashion forward.In 2017 color is still hard to find in western men’s fashion.  Men’s shoes are lacking in color variances as well.

It is a curious psychology, especially from the eyes and thought of women, that have a thought about this phenomenon. Who said this must be so? Do men prefer these color choices by nature, or is it just a condition of unchallenged customs? I am apt to think its culture and custom. For example, we see very colorful shirts in the ‘Hawaiian Shirt’ also in African men’s fashion and note that when there is color, they are extreme. ( A topic for another article) I would like to think that some rational attention will be paid to this situation in men’s clothing, perhaps by virtue of this script such is being done.

What then about whites in men’s clothing. Is it as rear to see men sporting an all-white ensemble or all pink. What about an all pastel combination? Perhaps so, but I think the eyes of women would smile.


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