The Tie

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The Tie.

In its various forms, known as the necktie, bow tie, bolo, zipper tie, cravat, Ascot and clip-on. As we well know ties are worn around the neck of Men, for decorative purpose, and at times are used as statements and symbolic sentiments, also worn for business and as uniform attire; what is today called the tie has a very varied history, long and wide enough to fill a 400-page book. (soon to come. )Classic-tie

Throughout the ages: an assortment of neck gear has been owned by men, and for many reasons. Weather to associate with a particular group, military identification, or to express social or personal beliefs, the tie goes back to the 1600’s and has taken on many forms, from silky frills to jeweled art ( usually found on ties like the( bolos,) bows and more. Ties have been the statement piece for the men ( sometimes women ) worldwide, for more than a hundred years

The Bolo ties is another way for people to express fashion sensibility and uniqueness. A way to wear jewelry without being ostentatious. I would love to see more men in these variations. Squash-blossom-bolo




Wood tie
Art-tie                                                     If you must wear a tie why not make it interesting and memorable and artistic.

                                                          Art tie




Bow tie 







Have you ever considered the tie, why you wear it? If you like it, is there something about it you want to change or add to, what statement are you making when dressing in a tie, or do you prefer to make a statement, by not wearing one?

What are your thoughts about the tie? Add a comment and let’s talk. There is so much around the tie, in which a fascinating conversation could ensue





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