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    The  man suit

The suite is defined, as a set of garments constructed from the same fabric, and consist of trousers, jacket, and at times a waistcoat;  traditionally fabrics with solid colors of black, brown, light gray, dark gray,  will make up the suit. Occasionally plaids, checks, and stripes in colors of blues, reds, and grays, may trend. Originated in England circa; the early 19th century and was known as the frock ( A frock is now another word for a woman’s dress ) or the morning coat. From those styles, we now have what is today known as the lounge suit, which is worn to most formal and semi-formal gathering. The suit is worn internationally for business and politics exclusively.  The suit has become a symbol of perceived power, capitalism, conformity; it can be seen, without a doubt as a uniform. Read more interesting facts about the suit here.



There is so much to know and say about the suit. It is an all around and functional garment for the well-dressed man. However,  can a man look well dressed in anything other than the traditional suit?  Are there other ways that a man can look good, sharp, powerful,  stylish, sober and well dressed without a suit? I believe the answer to that question is  an absolutely, yes! Although the suite has its place in the history of man’s fashion, and in our global cultures; I  can see a huge gap that needs mending and many new ideas upon which to expand. While the suite has a few different shapes and details, the silhouette remains the same, rendering the design repetitive and static. Studies show that most men would opt out of the suit in favor of something different, and dynamic.  Some women can just go week in the knees, with unseen physical excitement and lustful anticipation, when it comes to the suit,  I think this to be historical. It would be quite an affair if another framework could unleash same sentiments. You think?  Just imagine.

This is a suit.

See what one man has to say about the suit in this video

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6 thoughts on “The Man Suit

  1. Allison Thank you so much for your comment. I am so pleased that you visited my site and found it informative and useful. I do hope to a part of a possitive change in the world of men’s fashion. You are right there are so few arenas dedicated to men’s fashion, ( so well needed. ) that’s why I am working on this avenue, as a woman I want to see guys looking good after all, women are always striving to look our good-et best for the man.
    I look forward to hearing from you again as the site develops, I am sure you will be pleased.
    Thank you again.

  2. I love this site. You see so few website focused on men’s fashion. Women have so many options but it’s a different story for guys. This is a lovely, fashion-forward site for any and all men that want to embrace their own style and add to it. You’re very clear and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Hello Bernard, its good to hear from you. Its true about the details in men’s suit, they are very subtle, particularly with the construction in tailoring, but indeed it is the, lack of variety in those detailed silhouette that a man dressed is talking about, and how men are to ware the suit, in nearly every occasion if he is to be, or feel well dressed. I think the suit is an amazing set of garment for the man, ( woman too ) but there has to be more.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts, and please feel free to say more.

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