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  1. Thank you frank for your reply. Its true the Manche is not for everyone. Bur its true that men ‘s clothing needs some interest and spice. I By the way if your wife wants to see more of your nice legs, why not. Many women, if they should think of it would like to enjoy the sight of men’s legs from time to time. Take care.



  2. Hello Julius. Thank you for your comment. I am glad you get value from the site, and really pleased that you take the time for your self in this area, so great for your boys as well. I hope to make rapid progress in making available interesting and wearable choices for men, in the fashion department. So stay tuned and be sure to visit the site again.



  3. Dear Sam Thank you so much for your reply. Your thoughts are right on and I hope you don”t mind if I include your comment in my upcoming post. By the way I prefer to call it a Manche, because i do believe that such a garment must be exclusive to men, in order for it move forward, as it should. Although the name skirt originally came from a men’s garment, which was a long shirt. I am feverishly working on creating a line, it all takes time to get it right. I hope you will visit the site from time to time. If you do buy a Manche do go to my site and get it from Amazon. Thank you again.



  4. Thank you so much Sheree! Men have been disprivileged clothes wise for a long time. Though women’s fashions are usually formed for the purpose of bringing out the unique beauty of the individual, most men’s fashions are social uniforms at best! Unless a man is a hardcore hippie, he has little chance to find clothing that is self expressive. That is very sad, because our relationship to physical self expression, extends to our expression of intimacy with others, like it or not! A woman who feels sexy, usually is. The same is true of a man. Men’s clothes seldom do justice to their physical form. It seems expected that they don’t care. You may be our saving grace! Do you offer personal consultations? Yes, I would love to wear a kilt, errr, skirt. In my Grateful Dead days, I wore skirts sometimes, but that would be crazy today! I love that you are inventing fashions for men. We need this! Please keep me informed!

  5. hello, I like you website. I like the information that you provide in man fashion in all the videos. I am a single dad of 2 boys and even know my life is busy but always take the time to know what is in the man fashioned industry. I teach my boys on how they need to dress for different occasions. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi there Shere. Yours is a fascinating website with a comprehensive range of information. Quite a niche you have developed there.
    I am not sure that I could get into a manche, even though my wife thinks I have great legs. I will leave it for other sharply dressed men.
    Interesting details you provide that I hope helps some men re-think what they are clothed in.

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