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A Manche Is.

If you searched Google, for the word manche.  You would find it to be a district in France near Normandie. I was not aware of this when I thought of the name Manche, which was to describe any garment that is worn by a man, that is not pants, trousers, knee breeches,  Bermuda shorts, or any other apparel with legs made for men. I thought manche is a clever name for any garment worn by men; that resembles the kilt, sarong, lungi or Skort (which is what some designers are now calling it) or any attire of that nature. ( As shown here )  This legless mode should have a global charge and free of ethnic association. Tha name Manche embodies masculinity.  I hold that a man must freely wear a legless garment, but it must never be referred to as a skirt while carried by the man.   

Man_Dressed_In-Maanche                                             manche_ for_ comfort                            A Manche

There is an unspoken belief that because the nature of this male costume is considered an ethnic formality,  it is typically not seen as a rational choice of fashion/fashionable attire for men. An idea in a state of rapid change. As a designer, I  advocate this change. One I am sure is long overdue.

More men, than you can imagine are wearing, or want to wear this particular mode of style, without being considered feminine offbeat, or just not seriously fashionable. The manche is far from feminine. From a cultural viewpoint, this manner of dress has long been downed, by the most masculine of men throughout the ages; I want to speculate safely here, that by wearing a manche the man does indeed feel, manly and quite fiercely so. I’ll stand to argue this point with wicked delight.


A Man In Business Manche.

A Man In Business Manche.





Comfort_Manche      Forwaed_Manche     Recently We are witnessing the emergence of a  definite trend toward the manche. I believe firmly that this trend is taking hold and will only increase as more men discover the chic comfort in wearing a manche, kilts or any genre of this kind. Personally, as a woman, this is the kind of Men’s dress that makes me weak at the knees and mesmerized by the “fashion sexy-ness” of it all.


Stylish- man




Manche man 2016 (2)


Stay tuned; as I will be getting more into this topic in future blog post


For now, I would love to hear from you, tell me will you join this trend?

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  1. Hello Charlie; Thank you for stopping by and your comment is greatly appreciated. If I may. The naming or renaming of this garment is quite necessary, as it poses to become an ordinary aspect of men’s dress in the very near future, you may find similar garments sporting other names, as the concept becomes more popular, this so because it will attempt to declassify it as a cultural attire, like the Kilt. Thank toy for your comment and looking forward to hearing from you again.

  2. You reason past mass hypnosis in many ways, but remain stuck with it when the word “skirt” arrives. Get over it. A skirt is sex neutral because first of all anatomy says so. I’ve seen a Scot become red faced with hysteria when I called “THE” kilt a skirt. There’s no need for denial. You don’t alter the essence of anything by word games. You don’t need to differentiate by gender what’s neutral to both sexes. You can maintain other words, but it’s antiprogressive to deny these things are skirts. Most Greeks don’t object to their fustanella being called a skirt; however, many have said it’s “skirt like” and that is classically ridiculous.

  3. Hi, David. Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad you get it and also like the site. It’s my deepest desire to be a part of the change that will take men’s fashion to the next level, and I must say better standard. I hope you will show and tell your friends. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  4. what a fantastic website, i just love it.

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