What Men Want In Clothing:

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Men are talking about what they want in clothing:

Many conversations are going on in the men’s world about clothing and what they want to wear or not to wear. In  AMan Dressed we are opening the doors to welcome these discussions. More often than we realise are men talking about fashion. They are speaking to each other and perhaps more often to themselves, about what they are wearing, what there is to wear and what it is that they want to wear. Men are also looking at women’s clothing in comparison and perhaps some with eyes of green. Some men even shop in women’s department. They do this for colour, style, and change. For example, upon discussing men wearing the Kilt,  ( Manche ) outside of its ethnic alignment and within these debates, we have found that many men want the freedom to wear the Kilt and to have it available in general design. Some men are choosing to wear skirts ( Not Beautiful! ) I contend that “skirts ” should be distinguished for women.  The legless garment for men should be designed specifically for men and named accordingly. Kilt preferably  Manche for the general whole.

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Here is a quote from JP talking about what he likes and want.

“I am a 64-year-old Irish male. I have worn kilts; however, kilts are not always practical clothing. I much prefer women’s skirts. They are cheaper, washable, and a nylon mix is often much warmer than a kilt. Men need to become more supportive of other men in this sphere. As I see it, the problem is not just about wearing a skirt or trousers; it has a lot to do with what men perceive to be “NORMAL behaviour. For some reason, there exists huge insecurity in the macho man. Men love to put other men down — I live for me, NOT, to adhere to stupefying male-to-male peer-pressure.”

Here another man ( Learsi ) express his thoughts on comfort and health.

Traditionally men have always had dressed in skirts, only 300 years ago that forced them to wear pants.
The pants are the least suitable garment for a man; the boxer shorts, serves as the splint on his genitals, (promoting malfunction, and disabilities), the center seam of the pants abused, bruised and uncomfortable all the time the genitals; strap or belt acts as a tourniquet, and forces the heart to pump blood more effort (to overcome the contraction that makes the tourniquet), and poor blood supply affects: the digestive system, urinary system, the apparatus reproductive. In addition to the use of pants, man has finished peeing standing which is totally unnatural. Skirts and dresses with skirts for men are supreme-mind HEALTHY, convenient and comfortable. The pants, the tight underpants, the centre seam of the pants, and belt or belt, are promoting modern diseases of men: impotence, infertility, prostate problems and possibly cancer of the testicle.
No part of the male body is more abused than the genitals.

For better health and comfort wear skirts or dresses skirt.”

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