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Seeking to bring more attention to the niche aspect of men’s fashion. Sheree Saber created this ( A Man Dressed. ) website using the platform to discuss nuances in men’s fashion trends, while at the same time building it into a brand.  The brand  {A Man Dressed} is considered transformative. Sheree believes that there need to be more styles choices for men and she wants to keep the conversation and design concept open to new perspectives on men’s fashion and styles.

After studying fashion merchandising in New York on Long Island, interior design architecture in Virginia and ventured into many areas of creative works. Sheree went on to develop an interest and talent for fashion design. In 2007 while producing local fashion shows in Cape Town South Africa, to help local designers exhibit their talents, Sheree became acutely aware that men’s fashion appeared fundamentally lacking.

“I started to notice everything about man’s clothes, from the boxers to the button downs, the wing tips to the dimpled ties, the tux to the three-piece, the t-shirts, koggs, Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirts, the towel wrapped beachwear. The overrated, worn out of context polo shirt and denim pants,  just to mention a few objects of my observation.”

“So many things in the universe of men’s fashion that my eyes would rest upon, and my mind could sweep, would bring me to one single conclusion. The world of men’s fashion needed change, a new twist, a new turn. But how, what, when and where to begin?”

A Man Dressed is born.

Using every opportunity, Sheree would talk to people, querying their thoughts about men’s fashion.  After speaking with men, women, and people of all ages and from many countries and cultures; she learned that most folks give little or no thought to men’s fashion, (unlike that of women’s fashion ) outside of the practicality of having to wear clothes.  Also noticing the men’s section of many retail stores, sparsely stocked with the traditional muted tones. Browns, blacks, dark blues, khakis, and whites et cetera, with few exceptions.  Sheree set her attention on designing for the ordinary man who wants more and wants merely to be extraordinary and well dressed.

“I wanted to be a part of  that needed change, so I started designing with an emphasis on men’s fashion.”   

Sheree has reinterpreted the “polo shirt”calling it the Saber T, or the zodiac T with the zodiac symbol embroidered onto the shirts. Sheree recognised that men appreciate the versatility of a garment outside the boundaries of the typical trousers, pants or shorts, and so created the Manch, a kilt-like garment without the ethnic association.

“I believe it should not be termed a skirt, as a man simply should not wear a skirt or dress.”  

“The designs I create are niche and intended to serve a market I believe is starving for something acceptably different.”

Are you the Man we are talking about at A Man Dressed?

Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to read this page. Please don’t hesitate to ask a question or make a comment, we are excited to hear from you and thrilled to help.

Hoping you will find the information on this site helpful, entertaining, thought-provoking and inspiring, and  that you will talk about A Man Dressed and come again

Until then; Good luck in your quest for becoming or continuing to be the fashion-forward modern man that you are.



18 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hello, Adria.
    Thank you for your for visiting. By all means, you are welcome to make mention on your post. I will visit your site and comment here. We mist do all to enhance men’s fashion.

  2. Sheree I would love to contribute a guest post. Do you allow those on your site? We are a fashion line with some cutting edge new editions coming out.

    Please let me know!

  3. Hi Samuel. Thank you for visiting and fo your comment. I would indeed love to see this site reaching many and create a place where all will cone and give their thoughts, advise, and experience in men’s fashion. It would have accomplished exactly what it was intended to do, and hopefully more.
    Please remember us and come often.

  4. Hello Samuel. I am so pleased that you like my website. The idea you think the site will become a melting pot of fashion wise men is sweet to my ear. I do hope I can reach more men and make a positive difference in their fashion experiences. Wonderful if you will talk about a man dressed to your friends and family, and I also hope to hear from you again.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to give me your sincere feedback and excellent comment.

  5. Hi Sheree,
    I am fascinated by your wealth of experience on men’s fashion.
    This website may become a melting point for models in future as well other men who care about what they wear.
    All the best

  6. Hello Jessy: I am so pleased that you find interest with a man dressed. My intention is to put some of the spotlights on men. You are right mostly women are interested in their, styles and pay much attention. That’s why I feel it necessary to create this site. I want to see men share some of the excitement in fashion as we women do. I hope you will continue to stop by and voice your thoughts.
    Thank you very much
    See the latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikK5IpbZWTU

  7. Hello; Emmanuel, your comments are well appreciated and taken with glee. I am looking forward to bringing you thought to provoke ideas about men’s fashion, as well as practical concepts for improvements. I hope you will stay tuned, by visiting again and again.
    Thank you so much.
    View the latest video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikK5IpbZWTU

  8. Hi Sam Thank you for your comments and for visiting my site I hope you will return and enjoy more information on men’s fashion

  9. Hi Jessy:
    Thank you for the comment I am looking forward to being a part of the doing something about it trend.
    Keep looking and give your thoughts.
    Sheree K

  10. Hi Emanuel.
    Thank you, I so want to contribute and be a part of the inevitable change that is to commence with the world of men’s fashion and styles.
    So keep posted. I welcome any comments you have in regard.
    Sheree K

  11. Hey there

    I love this site and definitely like to have women opinions on my look. Although i have my girlfreinds opinions. She is not one to tell me something is nice or not…its more what do you like….which is fine as well….

    Sometime knowing what you want is different than not knowing, so thank you for creating this site!!

  12. Wow, its almost a cliche that men don’t know fashion. And if we are going to be fashion oriented, we better be taking all the tutorials from the best. I think your site will rock the world of men fashion. Keep it up. I look to learning from you.

  13. Thank you Sam I hope to see you checking it all out in future.
    I am truly trying hard to figure the technical side of this. I hope it wont take 65 years!

  14. Hello Sheree,

    I like the niche of your site, Men’s Fashion is definitely hurting and has been for a long long time. Most of us have no idea how to dress and often as a woman’s opinion because it is for them we intend to dress for.
    I like the site, learn how to use it and it will do fine for you.

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