Men Fashion- A plea for change.

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Men want real change with tasteful  fashion choices 

It is a known truth that men are now voicing the need for change and diversity in men’s fashion trends. True that changes and diversity are taking place, but are these changes gleefully acceptable, or are they shockingly terrifying, are men being heard by design movers and shakers?

As a designer, here at a man dressed, my eyes and ears are focused on addressing these arguments, when the ripe time comes, so stay tuned. Come along with me hear and see what men are saying, about needed change.

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7 thoughts on “Men Fashion- A plea for change.

  1. Hi, Brax.

    Thank you for your comment. I am pleased that you got out of my post, exactly what I try to convey; I will work to bring more thoughtful topic on the subject to you. I also want to see to it that men get more choices and ability to express better their fashion sides.

    Thank you again and hope you will visit a man dressed again


  2. This was a great post.

    I completely agree with the whole discussion about how men are restricted from expressing themselves by having to be forced to wear suits and ties when working in industries such as the service industry.

    This post was a refreshing when i compare it to the vast majority of posts that I come across when browsing online, and i look forward to consuming more content like this.

  3. Hello, Steve. Thank you for visiting my site, and your comments are appreciated. I will make all necessary changes, to reflect a better experience. I hope you will visit again as I am eager to deliver a good appearence to the site.

  4. Hello Steve Thank you so much for seeing my site and giving your comment your point is well taken, I went to keep the pages so, because I want people to see them right away. Will change this when site gets popular. I hope you will come back again.

  5. I find the overall layout and design of your site to be appeayling other than the fact that the menu is very cluttered looking acroos the top. Do you know how to make “Sub pages or posts” in your menu? it would allow you to have 4 or 5 main menu areas and for a the posts on similar topics could be visible as drop downs from a main menu topic. Just a thought. Also I believe where you use the word quires you intended to use queries.

  6. Jessica, thank you so much for your comment. It is true that its hard, simply because most people just have little or no thought of men’s fashion, which is why men, especially in North America, are so poorly dressed. If there is a thought at all, most will think dressing is for celiberities and gay men, foolish, but true, please show the men in your life my site and see what they think.

  7. I think it is very interesting that we never give much thought into men’s fashion. I know they have designer labels for things like suits and ties, but since so many men just wear whatever they pick up at Walmart I could see why trying to get a fashion trend going in men’s wear is hard. It is good see that someone is trying.

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