A man dressed well. Will impress

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A man dressed well, will impress.

In the world of men’s dressing, sharp comes to mind when you  consider a man pouring thought and execution in putting together an outfit. What does it take for a man to dress sharp and to impress, does it mean that he must be in a suit, to accomplish impressive sharpness? The general school of thought may say yes, but not so in the world of a man dressed. You see if you think about it, and truth be told a huge sector of our world thinks very little, if at all about men and dressing,  particularly when you make this comparison to women. Thank the fashion heavens, that the next generation are in fact thinking more about men and dressing. So getting back to sharp dress and dressed to impress, men style.


There is now a wide range of styles, colors and  textures available in men’s fashion world, but availability is s sparse, there are still too few men’s fashion magazine, still too few shopping facilities catering to men’s clothing, far too few designers, designing for men and still far too many people thinking on this story. So it seems a man well dressed is usually in a suit and tie, pants with shirt, buttoned down front and jacket, ( no matter the temperature ) shirt tucked in pants and so on.

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