Things about men’s fashion to think about..

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If you think about it

Most people just don’t think about men’s fashion, or style, or aesthetic, or in general how he looks. Perhaps its because our culture, where men are concerned is for the most part steeped in business and as we know the business look is the suit s what its all about, from time gone by at present and I hope not necessarily time to come. So think about it, think about you, think about how you want to be perceived, by others in all the areas of your life and by that woman. If however you are reading this page you are already thinking about it, and if you have just stumbled here upon, then you are now indeed thinking about it. Now permit me to mention a few things to think about men’s fashion.

Think about how you are feeling, when dressing, then how you want to feel, as clothes can give you the something extra, or truly take it away.

Think about the quality of your clothing, how they are hanging in your wardrobe, are they hung on plastic, wire or are they hung on wooden hanger? Men’s cloth should be hung on wooden hangers.

Think about how your garments feel to the touch and on your skin while you are wearing them, do they give you a sense of luxury and  unmistakable quality? They should if your garments are made with natural fibers, such as cotton, wool silk, linen, and other natural blends. The difference between socks, or ties of silk and those of viscose and polyester is remarkable.  A proper men’s clothing should always be made with natural fabrics.

Add debt and excitement ti the mix
Add debt and excitement to the mix

Think about adding more color, texture and versatility to your aesthetics. How this could be done is by thinking outside the mundane, seek out styles that are different, tastefully add an unexpected splash of color and you don’t have to be gay to have this experience. There is nothing more appealing and sexy than a man, that reaches beyond the mediocre, to bring out true expression. of self

Color is a good thing
Color is a good thing


Think about accessories; use these for practicality. invest in one or  more  manbag , be sure that its made of genuine leather, preferably the finest. invest in at least three good watches,  and while you are at it, make them unique, remember they are as jewels,  and note; the word investment. like the dream car. Beautiful and interesting belts, shoes, wallets and hats, seek items that are unique and meaningful, in this way your investments are worthwhile.

Think about positive attention By engaging in a few of these thoughtful ideas, you will be pleasantly surprise at the positive attention you will receive from your peers, women and even your boss.

Think about asking a woman what she thinks and how she likes your style, be sure to ask a woman that actually thinks about men’s fashion. You would be very surprised to know a large majority of women don’t really think about men’s cloths, usually because they generally think you don’t  care, or because, they figure there is not much to think about, as they usually perceive men’s clothes to be the same thing just in slightly different colors.  However when they see you in something different they are in love.

Think about checking out a book or two. Dressing the man you love and or Alan Flusser Dressing the man. While these are books that will enlighten anyone that has thought about men’s fashion, know that they are speak much of the dress styles that are more classic, yet there is much to learn.

I hope you have fond some interest in this post and that you are left with a few things to think about men’s fashion..

Please tell us what you think, and leave your comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Things about men’s fashion to think about..

  1. Hi Josh I am delighted with your comment. Thank you. I am glad too that you are one of those guys getting it.up we will change the fabric in the world of men’s fashion. Thank you again and when you can, continue to leave comments.



  2. That dude in the picture looks badass as hell and he looks like al pacino’s brother. I agree with your point about using colour while dressing. Not many of us guys like to do it but it definitely makes you stand out in the world. I like the idea of natural fibers as well I have a few silky pieces of clothing and they feel amazingggg!!

  3. Thank you for your very well taken comments. It is quite right that men need the ok to have more fun with fashion and accessories. I do think when this change comes about we will have a much happier world. Stay tuned we are leading the way. Do come back, and tell us more.

  4. Hello Derek; I like and appreciate your comment. I thoroughly consider the viability of the man’s suit and do believe it a must for the well-dressed man, just as the dress is for a well-dressed woman. at A Man Dressed, any objection to the suit is simply due to its commonality. Your analogy of the man suit as likened to the woman lingerie is well taken and emphasises our expressed views regarding the suit. Rightfully stated the suit goes everywhere, from the boardroom to; ( as you say,) the bedroom. I think the suit is like a uniform and should be worn in the appropriate circumstances. There must be other designs for men that will lend versatility to his wardrobe. Thank you so much for visiting the site. I hope you will come again amd share with your friends.


  5. HI there,

    A suit, for a man is not just for business. As a suit wearing man, with or without the jacket, I must say in my humble opinion makes a man look smarter sharper, classier and sexier.

    A good suit to a man is like lingerie for a’s male lingerie.

    Great site and I love the caption below the photo of a young university student.

  6. Hello, Sammy. I am so pleased that you have found my site. And I am especially glad that you concur with us. I intend to address the issues I have observed, as you have, regarding men’s grooming in general, well So do cone again, we are getting better each week.
    See the latest post…
    Thank you

  7. None of the points you shared has ever came across my mind about men’s fashion. LOL. My husband like to wear something that he feel comfortable, and never think about how it is presented in front of people. I agree that Man should have some thought on their fashion. Their fashion or accessory is hardly being mentioned compared to women. Man should have more fun on their fashion. Definitely will share this information to my husband. thanks.

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