Men In Skirts? ( Manche )

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Men In Skirts?



Lately, the talk is hot, and the question is significant. Men in skirts, why not? I have been talking about this since 2007. Then I predicted that by 2014 men will be wearing this garment and it would be readily available, it is happening now, a little slower than I anticipated. I do think, however, that the process is slow because we are calling it skirts. I have actively maintained it should not be called skirt but rather a word akin to a male-specific attire: like  The Manche.

If you image-google men in a skirt you will see a blazing Montague of men in skirts clearly made specifically for the woman’s form and the sight is in my ecstatic opinion visually troubling.  Pic below. I am sure you can agree with me on this.

Men In Dresses

Now as you know I A Man Dressed is a strong advocate of men wearing legless garments, ( The Manche ) however, it is imperative that such garments must be constructed and named for men, for as you can see it cannot be considered a serious choice. It vastly crucial that designers take seriously the design elements that will favour the men’s form..

This silhouette by Sheree Saber, for example, is a start.

Men must have the choice but must look good making it. More to come on this topic

Please leave a comment let the world hear your thought on this talk and be apart of the conversation of change.

Thank you for joining us.


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